Here's to Sweet Dreams...Check out my new sleep mask!

I recently got a Dream Essentials Contoured Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask that also came with a lair of earplugs and a carrying pouch as part of a free for a product trial with
The following is my thoughts on this item.

At first thought, I thought it looked a little funny because of the shape of it. My husband said it looked more like a bra than a sleep mask. Which I could see. It is thick and has definite contoured shape and is soft and cushiony. But it was also very comfortable and closed off the light and did help me sleep.

I used it for the last 3 nights and definitely felt like I fell asleep faster as there was no light that I could see with it on, and it wasn't too tight. You can adjust the tightness with the velcro strap, and it was very flexible.

In the morning it was easy to fold up and put away in the carry pouch that had a drawstring to keep it closed for safekeeping and I could totally see myself packing this and taking it along on trips.
It also came with a pair of soft foam ear plugs, which I didn't use as they didn't fit me properly. They were a little too big and uncomfortable for my ears.

And if you look online, the Sweet Dreams mask comes in 3 different colors: Black, Red and Royal Blue. I had received the black one.
Although it looked kind of funny, I am definitely planning on using this again tonight!

Sweet Dreams....Find the Dream Essentials Contoured Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask here #dreamessentials

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