Calloused Hands? Try O'Keefe's Working Hands

I got O'Keefe's Working Hands from for FREE for review and the following is my opinion and I was not influenced by anyone other than my own experience.

 I was excited to try this product. I have excema and suffer from severely dry and cracked skin on my hands from repetitive washing and sanitizing. I have tried many different types of lotions and creams and some work temporarily but never last. Others make it worse.

 O'Keefe's Working Hands worked great. I have used several times now and can definitely see a difference already. It's not greasy or gooey. It's perfect for me.
I will definitely be adding this to my regular products from now on and telling my friends about it as well. My husband tried it and wants to get more for him while he is at work. I like how my hands no longer feel so cracked and dry, even after a couple uses. I feel normal and not like a dried up alligator skin. The design is simple but attractive and functional. Easy to carry around and open.

"O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands® Hand Cream will help provide relief and hydration for dry hands that frequently crack and split. This unique formulation of moisturizing ingredients is odorless, non-greasy and naturally hydrates the skin – helping it retain moisture and making a difference you feel in days." -

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