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Totally Random and Delicious!!! Try the NEW #RandomsGummy Trial from #Smiley360

I am SOO ready to try a sweet new treat with Randoms®, a fantastically random gummy candy treats. Randoms® comes in 70 different shapes, 7 fruit flavors, and 3 gummy candy textures – variety like never before! They’re all mixed up so you never know what you’ll find next in your Randoms® bag!
#RandomsGummy #Candy #Smiley360 #gotitfree #producttrials ARE YOU READY?!? Let’s get RANDOM! Check out Smiley360 where you can try awesome stuff for free too!

#KingsHawaiian #StarringRoll #Sponsored #HouseParty

So thanks to King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and, I got chosen to host a #StarringRoll House Party! I got a party pack that included FREE totes, aprons, shell necklaces, an Oscar's Bingo game, coupons for 3 FREE packages of King's Hawaiian products, and $1 off coupons, as well as photo props!

I had applied to host on, and participated in required activities online as well as sharing with friends through Facebook and Twitter.
When I was chosen to host, I was so excited! It's been a while since my last party and I LOVE King's Hawaiian products. Totally sweet!
I quickly invited everyone and set up my party page and starting sharing and prepping for ideas, activities, recipes, etc.
I had bought more photo props, stars for our names, a chart to create our own awards and nominees, as well as candy and prizes and decorations.
Today, I created and set up a photo booth in my house, prepped the food and activities. I was so excited.

The only downsid…

#REVEALMORE for Men by Calvin Klein *Scentalicious*

I recently received this product free from as part of a product trial but this opinion is my own.
I loved the shape and design of the bottle on the picture. It was sleek and simple and definitely unique. My husband thought so as well.

The scent was bold and different than other colognes. It wasn't the typical woods, nautical, scent. It had a uniqueness about it. It has a kind of fruity and sweet, yet salty smell. My husband usually uses Georgio Armani Aqua de Gio. And he didn't really like this cologne as much. But I found it quite nice.
I was surprised when it said it included all these notes including crystalized ginger, lentisque, pear brandy, kiwano (melon), suede, agave nectar, clary sage, tonka bean, vetiver and amber. I could smell the fruity notes but couldn't smell the spiciness of the brandy.
The price is also decent for a new product by Calvin Klein.My husband loved it and so did I.  He's even got it on his list to buy next, as soon as the sa…

Get smoother skin with #BodyMerry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream

Thanks to, I received a  container of #BodyMerry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream for free to test out and share, but below is is my own opinions and experiences.

I am always hesitant to try a new product for few reasons. They always say they can do the same things, but rarely can, or of they do, the effects are only temporary. They all use so many ingredients thats I don't know about and don't know if they are more good for your body, or harmful.

I have tried other Body Merry products and loved them, so I tried to have an open mind when starting this about a week ago. I would use in the morning, after the shower or bath, and at night before bed.
I would rub it in, in an upwards and swirling motion. I immediately felt smoother after but as I said, I figured it would only be temporary. The first day, it was. But as I was continuously using it more and more, I definitely noticed that my skin WAS smoother and tighter and held in more moisture for longer. My cellulite is no…

#Stayfree from #Crowdtap

Yeaya! Just got my Stay free Ultra Thin (Regular with wings) pads from #Crowdtap
They are so thin, but so absorbent. I love how they stay put but move with my body. They are so comfortable and easy to use.
Other pads may be as absorbent, but tend to be more uncomfortable and not shaped for your body. They don't move with you, but move on their own. They don't cover as much.
Stayfree pads are amazing. They also have an odor neutralizer in them which helps keep your secret issue a secret.
I love these Stayfree pads and all their other products as well. They are great products from a trusted brand that cares about you and your body.

I received these free as product trial from and these opinions are my own.

Try them out today! And also check out for more opportunities to receive free products for yourself.

* JustMissAsh *

Check out the new #BodyMerry Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream and Hyaluronic Dew Serum Trial Starting Now...

I received these products in the mail today from for FREE so I can take part in a product trial and give an unbiased review. Today I am reporting that I am just starting my trial tomorrow morning and will report more as I continue trial.

According the website, is the following description for the Cellulite Defense Gel-Cream:
"Combat cellulite with our unique Caffeine + Retinol + Seaweed formula. This gel-cream has a strong caffeine content with the optimum level of retinol (0.4%), as recommended by experts. For good measure, we’ve also added potent natural and organic ingredients such as algae extract, kelp, coconut oil, Japanese green tea leaf extract and cayenne. Like all our products, it is free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

The gel-cream consistency is designed to spread over large areas and it absorbs quickly into your skin. The cream is infused with a refreshing 100% natural ‘mint - green tea - lime’ fragrance, that …

Waiting on my FREE VoxBox with REVEAL Men by Calvin Klein

Waiting on my FREE VoxBox with REVEAL Men by Calvin Klein to come in the mail.
I am so excited to give it to my husband to try for Valentine's Day!

Calvin Klein had released the women's version of REVEAL in September 2014 and the men's is being released now in February 2015.

 According to the Calvin Klein website, "It is sensual. desirable. inviting - with a touch of the unexpected. Reveal embodies the thrilling game of seduction between a man and a woman - the erotic possibility of a game between equals."

I have read other reviews from other people who have purchased or tried it and most of them are positive. I hear that it is unique and not like the usual woodsy, nautical, spicy type of cologne that most brands offer men. It is multi-functional, and by that I mean that it is something that men could wear it during day to work as well as in the evening when out on the town.
I can't wait to try it out. It would be nice to change up my husband's routine a …

Lose that Extra Weight with Garcinia Cambogia Extract

Garcinia Cambogia Extract Trial

I was approved for another FREE product trial with in which I received Garcinia Cambogia Extract 80% HCA (Maximum Effect) 1400 Mg, 180 Capsules.

I had read some reviews, positive and negative, and I kept seeing people talk about how it increases energy, suppresses appetite, has few side effects if taken correctly, made from natural and quality ingredients. I will admit that I was skeptical but I couldn't wait to try it and lose some of this post-baby weight. :)

I had never really tried a dietary supplement so I was a little apprehensive but within a week, I saw the effects of it decreasing appetite and I didn't feel a crash or get jittery when using it. I had more energy and didn't have as many cravings, which is surprising to me.

I would take 1 pill about 45 minutes before I ate a meal, usually lunch and dinner. Then I noticed that I ate less than usual; smaller portions; and that I didn't end up snacking as much between mea…

I Heart Quaker Popped Gluten Free Snacks

I Heart Quaker Popped Gluten Free Snacks!!!

 Quaker is a trusted brand with a variety of quality, healthy products. Their newest product is not only Delicious but also Gluten Free.
I tried these for free as part of a BzzAgent product trial and I am lucky and glad I got to be a part of this trial. The opinion below is my own unbiased opinion.

They were light and airy but cruchy and full of flavor. They come in Cheddar Cheese, Caramel and Sour Cream and Onion, and they are All Delicious.

 The package design is bright and stands out but is simple and comforting. Quaker Popped has now been added to my snack list.
The kids loved them as much as I did, and they went fast.
This is definitely a snack you will never feel bad about giving to your family.

 And make sure you take time to enjoy it yourself. Trust me. It's deliciously worth it!

*JustMissAsh *

Try Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scar Cream & Age Defense Eye Cream And Take Back Your Body

I recently received a free thing of the Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scar Cream and Age Defying Eye Cream from Tomoson through
 These opinions below are my own based on my use of the products.

The Body Merry Stretch Marks and Scar Cream was in a small round yellow and white container. When I opened it, some was on the lid but it was white and creamy. It wasn't oily or sticky and went on smooth. I've been using for a couple days and I already see a slight difference. It works well and a little goes a long way.
My skin is softer and it really hydrates my skin as well as makes it firmer. I also put it on my scar from my recent c-section and I believe it is making it better as well.
I love the creamy texture of it. It contains organic cocoa butter, Shea Butter, vitamins e, c, b3, b5, and pure plant oils. And seems to be really good for your skin. I use it twice a day as directed and it really does hydrate and nourish as well as reduce the visibility of scars and stret…

King's Hawaiian Sweet Rolls HouseParty

On February 22nd, I'm hosting a #HouseParty with King's Hawaiian sweet rolls for an Award Show Themed Party for my friends!
This is what I should be getting in my Party Pack!!!
Thank you House Party
#StarringRoll #Sponsored #gotitfree #KingsHawaiian
Check it out and apply for other parties on

I can't wait!

* JustMissAsh *

Get your kiddos feeling better with Children's Advil

I love the Children's Advil product and love using it. It has a great berry taste that my kids actually liked and it works fast.

My daughter was recently sick and had a bad fever and we gave her the Children's Advil and she definitely felt better because of it.
Before, she was lethargic and laying around looking miserable. After, she definitely felt better. She got more color back in her face, she was able to get up and play a little bit.

 My daughter and son liked the new berry flavoring. Their favorite before this was grape and they really dislike the usual cherry flavoring that most medicines come in. I also liked that it was sugar and dye free. It's healthier for my kids and that is important.

 But what I love most, is that there is a product from a company I trust, for my kids when they are sick. I feel better when they feel better and this definitely works.

 I received this product through a product trial from but these opinions are my own.

* JustMissAsh …

RepHresh-ing Vaginal Gel

This is a great product that works well. I liked the consistency and it was easy to use. It wasn't messy and I definitely think it works. Sometimes you just need something to feel more RepHreshed!
It's made to use once every 3 days and helps maintain your PH balance as well as stop odors and discomfort and other vaginal issues. I have been using for a while and definitely feel better and have seen less issues. :)

I definitely recommend to others.
Let #RepHreshHealth help take control of your feminine health!
Check it out now.
I had received a free product for the purpose of my review through but these opinions are 100% my own.

* JustMissAsh *

Calloused Hands? Try O'Keefe's Working Hands

I got O'Keefe's Working Hands from for FREE for review and the following is my opinion and I was not influenced by anyone other than my own experience.

 I was excited to try this product. I have excema and suffer from severely dry and cracked skin on my hands from repetitive washing and sanitizing. I have tried many different types of lotions and creams and some work temporarily but never last. Others make it worse.

 O'Keefe's Working Hands worked great. I have used several times now and can definitely see a difference already. It's not greasy or gooey. It's perfect for me.
I will definitely be adding this to my regular products from now on and telling my friends about it as well. My husband tried it and wants to get more for him while he is at work. I like how my hands no longer feel so cracked and dry, even after a couple uses. I feel normal and not like a dried up alligator skin. The design is simple but attractive and functional. Easy to carry …

#FrostyVoxBox from #Influenster

I had recently received a #FrostyVoxBox from Influenster with several different samples and items in it. I received this box as part of a sample product trial review. These opinions are 100% my own.

I was so surprised by everything  in my box. It was awesome. I loved it.
The kids and I couldn't wait to break into the strawberry Fruit Vines and try them and we loved them. They went quick. Perfect strawberry taste and great texture. My kids loved being able to pull the piece apart. They didn't last long after we got them. Lol.

I absolutely love my Eco tools hair brush. It didn't hurt to brush my hair and it's specially crafted to fit your hair, no matter your style. Even threw my old brush out ;)
I used my McCormick Thyme and tried out some new recipes. I love this stuff and McCormick is definitely the best. Only the best, quality products from them.

The Rimmel eye makeup remover worked like a charm. I have never had one that actually removed waterproof mascara with no p…