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My Full Year of Freebies and Blogging!

I have to say that when I started doing this over a year ago, it was an occasional just cause I'm bored thing. I had no idea that I'd find something I'd love to do or something I am actually somewhat good at. I've been blogging and reviewing for over a year, but just a year consistently. It's been crazy fun but also hard work. I've gotten a lot for free but also learned a lot too. I've learned more about blogging, though my blog is still pretty simple. Next year my goal is to focus more on promoting my blog and updating it to increase traffic and even introduce some ads on my blog. I hear it's pretty simple and that you can actually get paid for it. I love getting free stuff, just as much as the next person. My friends know me as the crazy "in the know" free stuff girl. What they don't know is just how much work it is. And I could be doing more promotion too. You can always be doing more. My suggestion, and I have one too, is get a note…

Ready to Travel with Baby thanks to Baby Travel Bed

I just got to try this Baby Travel Bed and I'm so excited. I love it! It's the perfect size, well it could be wider a bit but it works. It's soft and very light weight but comfy for baby. I've been looking for something like this. It's easy to use. You literally just unzip and unfold. It's got an insert kind of like a little mattress and my baby fell asleep and we put her in this and the sides of it kept her in it and safe all night. This is great! It is made for babies from 0-6 months, but our 1 year old is about the size of a 6 month old, she's very tiny and still fit perfectly in this and it was a lifesaver at Grandma's! This Baby Travel Bed can be found HERE on Amazon and I definitely recommend it. This will be a great gift idea for new parents, pro parents, baby showers, birthdays, just because, etc.
It's unique and solves a real problem for parents. It's lighter than a play pen and is softer and easier to pack up and take along. I …

Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask by Valentia *Review*

I recently got to try this NEW! Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask by Valentia and it was an ok experience. The benefits for using sound nice, including replenishing moisture and lustrous look of your skin. The mask itself was a yellowish color that looked kind of like a creamy jelly. It was cold to put on my skin at first. I applied to my entire face and left on for 15 minutes. It says to leave on for 15-30 minutes and that you may feel a slight tingle. I did feel a tingle very slightly but not really enough to notice. I only probably noticed it because I had read about it before. It was a thin mask and very light feeling on my skin and washed off easily when done. I didn't notice any difference right away except a little redness from scrubbing it off. My skin does look brighter after a couple of uses, once a day, and seems to be retaining moisture. I'm sure it will look better after more continued use. This company also has other facial products and masks but you can find th…

Conserve Space with Home-It Spice Clips Rack

I have always wanted to try these spice clips. I have a small kitchen and not a lot of room. And with as many spices I have, they take up a lot of room. These Spice Clips Racks save a lot of space. I got 4 sets in the box and they hold a good amount of spices. I screwed mine into my pantry cupboard. But there is also a sticky backing in which you can use to stick them to your cupboards too. It fits the regular size of spices. And holds up pretty well. They are somewhat flexible and could seem cheaply made as there is not much to them. I don't recommend stretching them to fit larger than average sized spice containers. You can find and order some here on Amazon I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own.

Zim's Max Freeze Muscle and Joint Gel *Review*

I recently tried Zim's Max Freeze Muscle and Joint Gel on my neck and shoulder where I had recently pulled a muscle.
I just squeezed a little bit out and rubbed it in and instantly, I could feel it getting cooler and tingly. I have to say it smells similar to other products like Icy Hot and has a somewhat thick consistency and worked really well. I didn't have any skin irritation and it didn't hurt. What's great about this is that it is made from natural based ingredients. Even the smell was relaxing and soothing. Somewhat strong, but I expected that. Just be careful not to get in your mouth or eyes. Wash your hands after applying. It is made to help sore muscles and muscle sprains and strains, like your back, shoulder and neck, and your ankle or knee and other areas like your hip and elbow joints. It contains Aloe Vera which is a wonderful ingredient as well as vitamin E and tea tree oil among other ingredients but it doesn't have parables or sulfates and is …

My Family’s Peanut Clusters Recipe!

Just made our family's favorite Peanut Clusters!Only 4 ingredients:
1 bag milk chocolate chips
1 bag butterscotch chips
1 small can peanuts (or you can use cashews like I did)
1/2 bag Ruffles regular potato chips (smashed up in little pieces, not crumbs)Mix and melt chips, stir in peanuts or cashews, stir in potato chips.
Mix well.
Drop spoonfuls into wax paper, let cool and harden.
Then eat & enjoy!
I made 28 clusters with this 1 mixture!*JustMissAsh*

Relax and Color with an Adult Coloring Book - The New Big Thing!

I never thought of having an adult coloring book. I like to color but I thought it was like a secret guilty pleasure. Then I started seeing all these adult coloring books popping up everywhere. I like this one because it comes with this case book. It's got a magnetic latch and has coloring pencils and a zip up pouch with a sharpener inside, and of course the coloring book with so many detailed pages. It was actually a lot of fun to color. And so relaxing. And with the case cover, it just looks like I'm busy working, not coloring :) I did receive this product for free but the experience and opinions here are my own. You can find this one here on Amazon for a good deal!

Feed in Style with this Breastfeeding Scarf Cover

I just got this new breastfeeding scarf and I love it! I am a huge scarf lover and I saw this and had to have it. I've also been breastfeeding for a year now and am always looking for more fashionable covers.

This is perfect. It's big and long so I wrap it around my neck twice when not feeding, then it's great as a cover. It's covers my whole baby and doesn't look weird.

It's super soft fabric and somewhat stretchy material and I can see myself wearing these everywhere.
It's my new fave mom accessory. This is something you won't be embarrassed to wear out and it's so easy to just use where ever.

*UPDATE* I am still using this scarf whenever and where ever I feed in public and I have gotten lots of compliments. It really is comfy and does keep my neck warm and I can wear it with virtually anything. I love this scarf!

You can find it here on Amazon. This would be a great gift for any mom for a baby shower, Christ…

Ozobot Party Sponsored by Tryazon

This weekend, we got to host the most fun and most coolest party Ever! My kids and I got to try out the new Ozobots with our friends!
These things are Awesome. They are little round robots and they come with little hats so you can personalize them and have little cases you can put them in. You can teach your kids to code with them and in turn teach the robots to do mazes, have contests, and dance, etc.
These things are so much fun. We definitely had a blast.These little ozobots are easy to use. You just want to calibrate them. You can use the card inside the package or a white screen on your phone or tablet. We used the card.
It even comes with its own maze. You turn it on and put it down on the maze card and watch it go.The kids learned that different colors mean different things to them and even got to color and make their own mazes for them using different colored markers. It was so fun because the kids were so excited and these things were so darn cute. I did get to try these fr…

Your Phone Needs a Fisheye Lens from VicTsing

Ok so it says it's for an iphone as well as other phones, but I also tried it with my Samsung Galaxy phone and it worked just as well. I love this. It came with 2 lenses which can be used separate or together. The magnification is awesome. And it's so easy to clip on to your phone. You just insert lens in to clip then slide onto phone and position lens in front of your phone lens. It helps you take AMAZING pictures. I really loved how it came with a cute carrying case and a microfiber cloth to clean it with. It also came with 2 clips to hold lenses on your phone. It also came with a clip that hooks to the case so you can easily carry the case on your belt loop or attach to your purse or whatever.
These are not cheap lenses either. They are well made and like I said, so easy to use and the pictures are great.I have been taking pictures of Everything. Inside, outside, of people and my kids, and of scenery and nature and of the sky. These pictures are awesome. See my phone only …

Stay Warm with a Fireplace Stove Heater

I just got this cute little fake stove fireplace heater. It is small but don't let it's size fool you. The heat the it gives out is immense!

It's sturdy and made well. This isn't just some cheap heater. It's designed like a little wood stove. It's got stove-like accents and even has really looking burning firewood. It came in a box, inside a box and there were no damages or issues or discrepancies with my order. Its black and heavy duty but not too heavy. It has two compartments. First is the glass door where the firewood light is. If you lift up the firewood, you'll see that is where the light bulbs are if you ever have to change them.

In the lower compartment is the switches to adjust the heater, heat, thermostat, fan and firewood light. At the bottom of the stove, under neath is the airflow and the on/off switch is on the right. When it is on you will see the red light. (See pictures)

The first knob on the left is the thermostat, then there is the fan…

Green Cooking with Green Earth pans from Ozeri

I recently got this 8 inch Green Earth Frying pan by Ozeri from a product trial with Tomoson. And besides it being my favorite color, GREEN, it's also "green" as in Eco friendly. It uses greblon which is safer for cooking and it's made without other certain chemical agents so it doesn't release harmful toxins into the air or your food when cooking.

Now pans always say they are non-stick but this one actually was pretty good. I cooked chicken breasts, steaks, pork chops, etc. I love this pan. It's smaller than my other pans but just as good and it is quite spacious and you can cook a lot on it. It also cooks and heats food evenly across pan and doesn't burn food or leave it with a bad taste. So far, none of the coating has rubbed off in my food and doesn't look like it is warped. I've used it several times now and it still looks brand new.

It is definitely visibly attractive. It's sleek and sturdy too. The handle has a good and comfy grip …

Sweet Creations and Tryazon #UglySweater Party

I got to host a blast of a party yesterday! It was a FREE Sweet Creations #UglySweater Party thanks to Tryazon and we had cookies and treats and delicious food! We also got to test out this awesome and huge ugly sweater cookie cutter and stamp roller! My complete party pack also included decorative boxes and paper for packing baked goods to give away as gifts. The boxes were easy to fold and looked so cute with their Christmas design. And the paper was cute too. It was striped in Christmas colors and has a good thickness. We also got a few pairs of mini Christmas spatulas! Now those were a big hit too. We loved cooking with them.We make chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and sugar cookies. We make these huge ugly sweater cookies with each of the types of batter as well as other Christmas shaped and round cookies. Then we decorated them with frosting and used stamp roller. Each of my guests got to take home some cookies in their boxes they got and some got a set of mini spa…

Seneo Charging Pad! Charging Simplified! Review

Now this is awesome technology! This Seneo charging pad is soooo cool. It has LED lighting so it lights up this pretty blue color when you first plug it in and when you charge your phone. You can use the charger cord it comes with but I found my own charger cord from my phone works too so I just leave the cords and take the charging pad with me to where I'm going to be, like my bed side table or kitchen counter and plug in and then set phone on it.
I have a thin case on my phone but it worked through that and charged pretty quickly. If you have a thicker case, you may need to take that off before using. It works with almost any Qi-enabled device so iphones, androids, etc. The charging pad is pretty lightweight and it didn't get hot when charging either. I love it.
The price is actually a pretty good deal because I have seen them way more expensive. And this brand is not cheap per se. It really does work great. I love technology these days. Everything is so cool and easy. 
This …

My 1st Thanksgiving Meal was Wonderful!

Our family, now complete, had thanksgiving at my in laws this year. And I cooked Thanksgiving dinner myself for the 1st time! OMG!
No really I did. My mom in law taught me how by telling and showing me and I did it all. I was so nervous I was going to fail or forget something. I was a wreck. All I forgot was the bag of potatoes at my house but my father in law went to the store for more. Thankfully.They were thankful because I literally showed up with everything. All they had to buy was the potatoes. I learned how to prep the turkey, make the stuffing and stuff it. That was fun but the stuffing was still hot haha. Then I made the deserts and later we made gravy and mashed potatoes and everything else. There was so much food.I was so nervous that I was going to mess dinner up. But in the end, it was great. The Turkey was moist and everything tasted delicious. We all dished up, said our thankfuls and ate and ate. Then relaxed while I did the dishes and cleaned up. I really went all out …